Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry addresses World Affairs Council, Connecticut

Nov 15, 2017

Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry addressed the World Affairs Council, Connecticut at Mark Twain House, Hartford earlier today.
In his address, the Ambassador outlined the regional and global challenges confronting the world today and called for a global response to overcome challenges such as terrorism, poverty and climate change.
The Ambassador narrated Pakistan’s hard fought successes against militancy and extremism. A national consensus, he said, had enabled Pakistani security forces to enter the militant hideouts and secure a victory against them. These successes had come at a tremendous economic and human cost.
The Ambassador highlighted Pakistan’s impressive economic revival which was driven by improved security and stability. New energy projects were expected to come online next year and help enhance productivity and overcome energy shortfall. A predominantly youthful population in the years ahead could benefit Pakistan if opportunities from the economic growth platform of today were capitalized.
Despite the current challenges, the Ambassador was hopeful of a rebound in ties between Pakistan and the US. The two countries, he said, had been partners for seven decades with a broad based relationship encompassing a wide range of areas of cooperation. Both countries had defeated common enemies in Afghanistan in the 1980s and eliminated Al Qaeda in the last decade and a half. Peace in Afghanistan was in Pakistan’s own interest, the Ambassador remarked.
The one million strong Pakistani American diaspora serves as a bridge between the two countries, Ambassador Chaudhry added.
Pakistan remained committed to work together with the United States to bring ties back on track, the Ambassador said. Recent exchange of visits by senior officials and at the Foreign Minister and Secretary of State level were useful efforts to rebuild trust in this important bilateral relationship.
The event was attended by more than 200 people from Hartford and its adjoining areas.
While visiting Hartford, the Ambassador also met members of the Pakistani American community of the area.
13 November 2017, Washington DC

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