Be patient as power relief needs time: Nawaz Sharif

May 30, 2013

dialogue-is-the-way-to-deal-with-terror-nawaz-1367789907-1950-600x350LAHORE: The PML-N president and prime minister in-waiting Nawaz Sharif has resolved to overcome the power crisis at the earliest. At the same time, he warned people against harbouring any illusions that the new government would end loadshedding as soon as it takes charge.

Addressing a ceremony in connection with Youm-e-Takbir here on Tuesday, which marks the country’s nuclear explosions, Nawaz said he would work day and night to overcome the power crisis.

Nawaz claimed that it was a tragedy that a country with atomic weapons was deprived of electricity and had no electricity for 20 hours a day. “How can a country develop in such a situation?” he asked. He urged the people to show patience for improvement of power supply situation.

Nawaz vowed to install new power plants to tackle the problem, which acted as a huge drag on the economy, shaving up to 4 percent of GDP according to the Planning Commission, but he warned that there would be no quick fix. He said the power plants might take three years to operate.

“Don’t expect that the new government will come and resolve the issue of loadshedding as soon as it takes charge, we will cure the problem as well as pray Allah Almighty to fix it,” Nawaz added.

He said his government would carry out “economic explosion” within the next five years. Nawaz said Pakistan and China had agreed to launch joint economic ventures that would go a long way to overcome the financial problems as well as end unemployment and poverty in the country.

Nawaz said during the recent visit of the Chinese premier to Pakistan, he held discussions with him during which they agreed to make joint economic plans to the mutual benefit of both countries. He claimed that if these plans succeed, the destiny of the Pakistani nation would be changed and unemployment and poverty would be completely eliminated from the country.

Nawaz expressed his determination to bring the country out of inherited problems which included heavy burden of loans. He admitted that the problems are very serious as unemployment and poverty were rampant and he was in a fix what to choose. He claimed that if he decided to repay the debts, poverty aggravates and energy crisis would remain unresolved. He stated he was having sleepless nights.

Nawaz said his government would frame policies which would be effective beyond the five years tenure of his upcoming government. He said energy crisis was his major worry at the moment as economic progress and peaceful civil life depended on its availability.

He claimed that full-scale efforts would be made by his government to revive the economy and bring the electricity back. He said this would take time and the nation would have to show patience, but he promised to overcome all difficulties. He claimed that they had coal reserves sufficient to generate power for 100 years but billions of dollars were needed to make electricity from these reserves.

He said Bhasha and Dasu dams could be constructed but only Bhasha needed 10 to 15 billion dollars which was not available at the moment. However, he added, the nation must not be disappointed as the PML-N had a vision and teams of experts to meet every challenge. He said they have planned to end line-losses which could cut down loadshedding hours by half.

Nawaz saluted the Punjabis and termed their decision in favour of the PML-N mature and a means to prove wrong the opinion of the experts about split and fractured mandate in the elections. He said a strong government was a dire need of the hour as only that can establish its writ and take bold decisions. He said the decision of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa people was emotional, that of Sindh traditional and Balochistan in favour of the PML-N. “Now Pakistan will change in days and not in years,” he said informing the gathering that after taking oath as the prime minister on June 5, he would lay out before the nation a development programme and take them into confidence on it. He said he has a dream for a prosperous Pakistan which he feels is going to be realised in the time to come. He said he would accept greetings of the Youm-e-Takbir from the masses when every home will become bright and every person happy. (Courtesy: The News)