Cameron supports Pakistan’s point of view on drone attacks

Jul 01, 2013

British Prime Minister David Cameron has said that his country supports Pakistan’s point of view on drone attacks and said Pakistan and United States should talk on this issue and the United Kingdom will facilitate for the resolution of this problem.

He was replying to a question of Active Citizens Programme Volunteer Tajdar Aalam who conveyed the deliberations of FATA people about drone attacks at a meeting with the British Prime Minister at Pakistan Monument in Islamabad on Sunday morning.
British Prime Minister said his government will support FATA people for the promotion of education and concrete steps would be taken in this regard. He said this is a wrong approach to associate terrorism and violence with Islam.
He said this is fact that Muslims are the biggest affected by the menace of terrorism. He said UK is committed to remove this wrong perception.
Referring to Holy Quran‚ he said it teaches peace and tolerance. He said Muslims themselves have to struggle to improve the wrong perception of Islam.
David Cameron also met the volunteers of Active Citizen Program from all over the country who had gathered at the Monument and discussed educational‚ women and other developmental projects in Pakistan. He took keen interest in the artifacts at the monument building.