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Capitals across the world welcome 2018 with series of spectacular fireworks displays | Pakistan Muslim league (N) USA Official Website

Capitals across the world welcome 2018 with series of spectacular fireworks displays

Jan 02, 2018| Courtesy by : www..dailymail.co.uk

  • Countries around the world have welcomed the start of 2018 with a series of elaborate fireworks displays
  • Auckland, in New Zealand, was the first major world city to welcome the start of the New Year
  • Sydney’s celebrations featured a rainbow waterfall to celebrate recently-legalised gay marriage
  • Burj Khalifa in Dubai was illuminated in a world-record breaking lights display instead of fireworks 
  • Moscow’s fireworks display by the Kremlin was witnessed by thousands lining up in the Russian capital 

Millions of people around the world have celebrated the start of the new year with a series of spectacular fireworks displays.

Huge crowds braved arctic conditions to usher in 2018 in New York while revellers in Rio de Janeiro partied on the beach for the countdown to midnight.

In London, more than 100,000 ticket-holders gazed up at stunning fireworks from the banks of the River Thames, before dancing to ‘Auld Lang Syne.’

Keeping with tradition, Big Ben in the Houses of Parliament rang in Britain’s new year. Although the clock tower is undergoing renovations, the chimes were turned back on especially for the celebrations.


Greece was one of the first nations in Europe to welcome the new year, with the bells for 2018 ringing at 22:00 GMT.

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