Ex-Overseas Advisory Body head gives progress report to Shahbaz

Jan 16, 2014| Courtesy by : nation.com.pk

Former Overseas Advisory Committee Chairperson Zubair Gull has presented the progress report to Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

On this occasion he said, “It gives me immense pleasure to present the first progress report from the Overseas Advisory Committee. It has been a privilege to serve under the Chief Minister and work with the British community since our inception in 2009. The successful vision, mobilisation and continued growth of the office is attributed to the true leadership of our Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif.”
Zubair said that the concept of the Overseas Advisory Committee resides within the federal domain however the Chief Minister had the nuance, foresight and sagacity to launch the office within the provisional sphere in order to elevate and resolve the plight of numerous overseas Pakistanis.  He said “I am deeply grateful for the Chief Ministers continued support and I look forward to enjoying a healthy relationship as we collectively aim to augment the operations of the offices to serve a large and growing overseas community.”
“Since 2009, we have been honoured and supported by numerous British Parliamentarians who have worked tirelessly to shape the office from its infancy into an institution that has been capable of solving complex cases,” he said, adding “The Office has been involved in a range of cases and we have been able to exceed the expectations of those who registered their issues with us. Through this post I have personally been involved in the repatriation of kidnapped children, facilitated the capturing of serious criminals –  even those implicated in murdering British citizens. We have also been able to control land mafia groups and return back captured assets of British Pakistanis.”
Such tremendous achievements have only been possible with the sincere dedication, support and determination of the numerous outstanding individuals who have volunteered their valuable time. In Pakistan, Shahbaz has been a true asset in not only championing the inception of the office but also channelling the efforts of the Office into the right institutions in Pakistan to reach timely conclusions and solutions to the complex issues presented.
“I am exceedingly grateful for this support in mobilising numerous government bodies, the police service, local community groups and various other organisations in a coordinated, organised and efficient manner to serve our needs.”
“I look forward to the continued and growing support of UK Parliamentarians to make this office an invaluable asset for British Nationals/Pakistanis as we aim to extend our net to serve a large proportion of the community. We need the support of Britain especially at a juncture where Pakistan is passing through one of its most sensitive phases in history. By restoring the confidence of Britain in Pakistan we will directly make the fiscal, educational and healthcare future brighter.”