Forced begging or Extreme Poverty

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By Sabrina Khan , Boston

They keep trying navigating from one car to another; knocking at your car windows and doors until you pay attention to them.This is the time when we are waiting at the traffic signal to turn green. They make sure their appearance is seen and not ignored. They are adamant and won’t take No for an answer.

Sabrina Khan Boston
A person like me, who goes to Pakistan from Boston to spend summer with her grandparents, I feel heartbroken at these sights.The secret of earning more money is to have one or more of their limbs cruelly amputated. In order to elicit more sympathy these young children pull themselves along the streets, filthy, either on their bellies or on low wheel carts, extremely pitiful and heart wrenching to watch. Hundreds and thousands of handouts everyday on the roads. However, at the same time, question comes to my mind, are they really deserving individuals, where the money goes?

These are the handicapped young children on the streets of Pakistan asking for alms.  Every summer I go to spend time with my grandparents in Lahore, it feels so disheartening seeing these children navigating around the cars at each and every traffic signal. Should we give the bills and coin to them. Are they the legitimate deserver of our charity? Where do they disappear at night? These and other multiple questions come into my mind.
Who are these children, from where do they appear in the morning and disappear in the evening? Do they have homes and parents, or do they belong to some gang mafia. This culture of begging is so prevalent that no one thinks about stopping it. When I look at these beggars, it reminds me of the movie Slum dogMillionaire. Are these young children the part of some gang-mafia?
According to some sources, most of these children are the so called property of different gang mafias who reshape their bodies to make them more pitiful. These malnourished children are considered the property of the related gangs. I heard the horrific facts about these children, who are deliberately made maimed, their arms and legs are forcible amputated, and it cruelty goes that far that some of these children are made practically blinded to earn more income from their pitiful appearance, evidence says that the more these poor creatures are tortured and tormented, the more sympathy they will earn from public. They are forced to be on the streets from early morning till late evening and revenue goes to the torturers, to those organized gangs or groups who have expertise in mutilating and exploiting in defenseless children.
A questions come to my mind, is there any law enforcement agency that can take some time out to look into this matter.Is there any way that these under aged beggars should go to school holding their schools bags in the morning, instead of handing their hands out for cash. It is important that authorities should reach to every section of society and make sure that these children are provided opportunity to go to school and live in the safe environment. According to some sources, there are many NOGs are involved in solving this problem, but no significant results could be achieved. These are the children some of my age can be productive members of society.

Sabrina Khan is a senior at Marion High School, Framingham, Massachusetts USA. Can be reached


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