How the ‘Small-Business Tax Cut’ Would Also Be a Tax Cut for the Wealthy

Dec 23, 2017| Courtesy by :


Republican lawmakers say that one of the largest tax cuts in their tax bill, a 20 percent deduction for pass-through income, is for small businesses and job creators. But there are also millions of other tax filers — many at the highest income levels — who would benefit significantly.



Source: U.S. Treasury, Office of Tax Analysis, 2014 I.R.S. data | Note: Numbers may not add up because of rounding.

Pass-through income is business income that is taxed once at the individual rates of the business owner, instead of through the corporate tax structure. Nearly 40 million taxpayers claimed pass-through income on their individual tax returns for 2014.

Some Republicans pushed to include the cuts in the bill so that pass-throughs, which make up more than 95 percent of business tax filings, will get similar tax relief as corporations, which are receiving a large rate cut. Here are some examples of taxpayers who might claim pass-through income: read more at


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