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  1. riaz Khan says:


  2. riaz khan says:

    I am a proud muslimleagui worker and as old as 20 to 25 years
    And I love pmln and my leaders are mian nawaz sharif and mian shahbaz shareef .
    My ward # PP 11 / NA 55
    Rawalpindi city
    At the time pervaiz musharf takeover and at october 1999 I was municipal counclor , metropolitan , at that time we suffered we all. Now its time to thank Allah and pay tribute to all sincere fellows who devoted a part of their time, business , family and even their lives .it is a lifetime achievement for pmln workers to see the lost glory of pmln now ,there is a great number of challenges to meet these challenges welo have to regroup and accommodate the agreeved party workers .not for personal interest but for collective prosperity and to make the healing process better empowerment of local area representatives is necessary.

  3. uzma says:


  4. Imran says:

    Great Team PMLN

  5. nasir mughal says:

    V excelent work i love that.geosss

  6. shakeelanjum says:

    Garet nawasharef

  7. Afzaal Mehmood says:

    can i join PML(N)

  8. Dear PM,
    Great team PML.N
    Very Excelent Work I Love That.
    Great Nawaz Sharef.
    My leadar Nawaz Sharef.

  9. adnan butt says:

    my love and my life pmln and pakistan

  10. Naeem hanif says:

    Sher Sher hai. Good work PMLN ,i salute the honesty and hard work of PM.Nawaz Sharif and CM. Shebaz Sharif

  11. Sajid rasheed says:

    Sir main pmln join krna chahta ap mujhy pmln ka card issue kr skty hain

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