Memo case: SC orders to present Haqqani within 4 weeks

Jun 04, 2013

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News):-Supreme Court has ordered the government to taken back Hussian Haqqani within four weeks for allegedly being involved in meme scandal case.


Nine-member larger bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry resumed hearing of the case and ordered that every possible step should be taken in order take Haqqani back in the country so that he may be tried properly and brought to justice.

Asima Jahangir, the counsel on the part of Hussain Haqqani told the court that she communicated with her client last night.
She was also of the view that Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is going to become the prime minister, adding that the anti-Haqqani group has come to power, so they should directly take action in this regard.
Chief Justice said that law is equal for all; nobody would be allowed to exploit the rights of anybody.
“If courts are not strong, other institutions of the state would also be weak”, commented Chief Justice.
He said that he could order Secretary Interior and Attorney General to take back the passport of Hussain Haqqani
Justice Asif Saeed Khosa remarked that the final report regarding Memogate scandal has been completed. Another option is that the accused Dr Haqqani should be put on free trial.
The court was adjourned for four weeks.


It is worthy of note that Memogate scandal centres on an alleged letter or memorandum seeking assistance from the administration of the US President Barrack Obama. The main contents of the letter entailed that Pakistan needed help to avert the military from staging a coup against the civilian command of the country.


The memo was allegedly drafted by Pakistan´s former ambassador to the US, Husain Haqqani, on the directives of the head of the state. The memo was given to Pakistani- American businessman, Mansoor Ijaz, to be delivered to Admiral Mike Mullen. Ijaz revealed the details of the letter in one of the articles he wrote for the Financial Times.


The Supreme Court of Pakistan has been investigating upon the charges levelled against Haqqani and formed a commission specifically dedicated to conduct an extensive enquiry. The commission on June 12, 2012 revealed the findings of the report which stated that Haqqani was disloyal to the state and authored/delivered the memorandum.