Overseas Organisation

Jun 11, 2013

Overseas Branches

114.        The Pakistan Muslim League-N shall have its branches in all such countries where fifty or more members of PML-N reside permanently. More than one country may form a joint branch ‘m exceptional circumstances with prior approval of Secretary General PML-N. Notwithstanding the provision in Article 6, foreign passport holders who were born in Pakistan, will also be eligible to become members of an overseas branch. 

Organisational Structure

115.       PML-N branches can be set up in each city with 50 or more PML-N members. Such branches, apart from electing their own office bearers will also elect one councillor for every 50 members to the council of the PML-N at the country level. This council will elect the office bearers for the country level branch of the PML-N. In other matters all overseas branches will function on the pattern of a Provincial Muslim League-N and, for that purpose, the provisions of the relevant Articles shall, mutatis mutandis apply. Variations may be made to suit local conditions with the approval of Secretary General PML-N.



116.       Membership fee in each country will be fixed periodically by its Council, which will also determine the manner in which these funds are utilized.


117.       All Overseas branches shall be affiliated with the central organisation of Pakistan Muslim League-N and shall function under its control and supervision.


Organizing Committee

118.        In countries, where a PML-N branch does not exist or in countries in which the branch needs to be re-organized, the President of Pakistan Muslim League-N may appoint an Organizing Committee to establish or re-organize the Overseas branch of the Party and to hold elections at the appropriate time.


Representation on Central Bodies

119.       The President and General Secretary from each Country shall be ex-officio member of the Council and the Convention of PML-N and shall have the power to nominate another member to represent them ‘m the Convention but not in the Council.

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