Pak envoy to UN makes somersault on drones

Jun 21, 2013

cbe30441fda41d5e7534fde106fa5c41_MPakistani bureaucrats will do anything to please the government—even somersaults in policy announcements.
Our Ambassador at UN, Masood Khan made a scathing speech against drone strikes in Pakistan. He also made sure that the news got properly covered in Pakistan. He could do that because he made connections in media while working as Foreign Office spokesman during Musharraf’s regime.
The problem is that the same gentleman made an equally scathing speech at the UN in January this year in favour of the drone strikes in Pakistan. And this he did while Pakistan enjoyed the rare position of the Security Council President.
Pakistan could have used its position to plead its case but Masood Khan went out of the way to convince his bosses at the time about the sagaciousness of Pakistan;s position.
Now, Pakistan is in a difficult situation of reversing its position within six months—and funnily the same person is making the opposite speech. Why, you may ask. Elementary: the gentleman is on a contract and wants his job to be protected. He is known to be good at sucking up to rulers. He got closest to Musharraf, by-passing his seniors sometimes and got himself the best postings. He lived for one of the longest time in the US and then was kept in China by Asif Zardari. He is privy to all those shady deals that the previous government made in China. He was rewarded for that by getting this choicest posting after his retirement.
He wants to please the present government now. As the policy on the drone changes, he is being over active in making speeches that might please the present government. We’ll see if he manages to do that.

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