Pakistan raises drones issue at UNSC

Jun 18, 2013

The concern over the attacks was highlighted at the UN’s Security Council by Ambassador Masood Khan.


NEW YORK (Dunya News) – Pakistan s Permanent Representative while speaking at the Security Council debate on Children and Armed Conflict said that drone strikes radicalize disaffected communities and increase the number of terrorists. He said urgent and intense negotiations are needed to address the issue of armed drones.
He reminded the participants that the Secretary General in his report had referred to an increasing number of child casualties in the course of the use of armed drones and has also called for adherence to the principles of precaution‚ distinction and proportionality; and for transparent and effective investigations when child casualties occur.

Masood Khan also highlighted the issue of children being used as suicide bombers and human shields.

He expressed concern over continued targeting of schools‚ particularly affecting girls  education. He said persistent perpetrators of violence against children must be brought to justice through national judicial systems and where applicable through the use of international justice mechanisms.

Ambassador Khan said that Pakistan wants to strengthen the political consensus around the mandate to ensure better protection of the rights of children in situations of armed conflict. ( By