PML-N sweeps by-polls in Lahore

Aug 23, 2013| Courtesy by :


LAHORE – The PML-N ruling party of Punjab has swept the by-polls for one National Assembly and three Punjab Assembly seats of the provincial capital amid PTI’s accusations of rigging in PP-150.
By-polls for one National Assembly and three Punjab Assembly seats of the provincial capital by and large were held in peaceful manner with low turnout on Thursday.
The constituencies for which by-polls were held in the provincial metropolis include National Assembly constituency NA-129, Punjab Assembly constituencies, PP-142, PP-150 and PP-161.
According to unofficial results, PML-N succeeded retaining all the four seats after a tough contest with PTI candidate in PP-150. Chief Minister Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif vacated NA-129 and PP-161, while Hamza Shahbaz Sharif vacated PP-142 and Mehar Ishtiaq vacated PP-150.
The main contest on all the four constituencies was between the PML-N and PTI candidates, however, the PPP also launched its contenders in one National Assembly and two Punjab Assembly seats.
The overall polling process remained peaceful except some minor unpleasant incidents with low turnout. The polling started at 8:00 am and continued till 5 pm without any interruption.
Assigning Pak Army the task of supervising the polling process assisted the Election Commission and other civil administration functionaries to conduct the polling overall in a peaceful manner.
However, news media teams were stopped by the authorities to enter into various polling stations.
Candidates of PML-N and PTI were seen visiting the polling camps in all the four constituencies in a bid to boost the morale of their supporters during the entire polling process.
However, the women and youth, which are considered to be the main support base of the PTI didn’t turn up in good numbers to vote or support their party during the by-polls in the City.
It seems that PPP has launched its candidates to just to make an impression, as no aggressive followers of Bhuttos were seen in any of the four constituencies during the polling.
The PTI and PML-N charged supporters, however, seen at all the major polling stations that began making claims of victory at the very start of the poll count.
In NA-129, PML-N launched Shazia Mubashar, while PTI fielded Mansha Sindhu and PPP floated Ashraf Bhatti.
The overall polling process in the constituency remained peaceful except some minor distasteful incidents, while turnout was also low with the exception of rural areas of the constituency.
According to unofficial results, the PML-N candidate won the race for NA-129 by grabbing 44894 votes, while the PTI runner up got 26071 votes.
In PP-142, which comprises the Walled City PML-N fielded Khawaja Salman Rafique, PTI launched Malik Waqar and PPP put in race Malik Muhammad Idrees.
The overall polling process remained peaceful in this Punjab Assembly constituency again with low turnout, as the polling stations gave a deserted look most of the time during the polling day.
Again the PML-N candidate according to unofficial results secured PP-142 by securing 17396 votes against the PTI runner up who got 4730 ballots.
In PP-150, the PML-N launched Mian Marghoob Ahmed, PTI fielded Mehar Wajid Ali Azeem and PPP put in race Asif Nagra.
The voters in this provincial constituency turned up in good numbers as compared to other constituencies for by-polls in the City.
Despite the tensions between PTI and PML-N activists in this constituency, no unpleasant incident took place during the polling process, however, scuffles and exchange of hot words took place between the PTI activists and the police when the supporters of PTI reached the Sessions Courts to obtain the election results.
The PML-N candidate according to unofficial results succeeded securing the seat by getting 18870 against the PTI contender who bagged 18494 ballots.
The PTI contender alleging the provincial ruling party candidate for rigging filed an application with the Returning Officer for recount.
The Presiding Officer has summoned both the candidates on Friday (today).
In PP-161, the PML-N fielded Chaudhry Gulzar Gujjar, while the PTI launched Khalid Mehmood Gujjar. The overall polling process remained calm in this Provincial Assembly constituency with minor unpleasant incidents with low turnout.
According to the unofficial results, the PML-N contender won this seat by bagging 27788 votes against the PTI runner up who got 20157 votes.