PML-N warns Online news agency, seeks rebuttal of report

May 27, 2013

logologoLAHORE: A Pakistan Muslim League–Nawaz (PML-N) spokesman has written a letter with reference to the news item by Online news agency regarding the courtesy call-on meeting by the US ambassador to the PML-N president that took place in Lahore on Friday (May 24).

PML-N spokesman Asim Khan Niazi Saturday said that the PML-N media cell or any other party official did not issue official statement on the call-on meeting and even no verbal remarks were made.

On the contrary, this was quite upsetting to see that the news published by the certain section of media was totally untrue, baseless, fabricated and out of context. This aptly shows the non-serious and irresponsible attitude of the news maker and the news agency.

One should rightly expect that before issuing any such statement, the reporter and the organisation should follow the due course and adopt all means and ways of authentication and verification, but unfortunately no such measures were taken and the news was issued without consulting the PML-N or its spokespersons. “This shows not only the non-professional attitude but also indicates toward the wishful agenda and malicious approach.”

The spokesman requested the news agency to issue the clarification and rebuttal of this news item within minimum possible time. “Otherwise, we preserve the right to boycott your news agency. Needless to mention that this is not the first time but this nefarious practice was also observed in the past vis-a-vis PML-N.” (Courtesy: The News)