PML(N) government is determined to overcome the energy crisis

Aug 02, 2013

and is doing its best for generation of low cost electricity and providing relief to the people. Solution of energy crisis is, no doubt, a big challenge but PML-N has accepted it and is taking all possible measures to overcome shortage of electricity.”, said the CM while addressing Energy Investment Opportunities Conference.


The Chief Minister said that Punjab government has allocated a sum of 30 billion rupees for energy sector and appealed to foreign and local investors to come forward in national interest and make investment in power generation projects. He expressed the hope that the energy investment conference will help the government in evolving policy frame work for controlling the problem of shortage of electricity. 

CM stated that our reliance on thermal power should be less and we should look towards alternative sources of generation of electricity. He said that a power park is being set up in Gadani where power plants will be established with imported coal. He said that all Pakistan Textile Mills Association is also setting up its power plant in Gadani and the electricity generated from this plant will be supplied to the textile industry. The Chief Minister lamented that Nandipur Power Project fell victim to corruption and greed of the previous government due to which not only was this project delayed for three years but the machinery worth billions of rupees meant for this project became rusty while copper was stolen from the wires lying at Karachi Port. He said that a demurrage of 1.5 billion rupees was incurred as the machinery lay at the Karachi Port. He said that the interest of the country was compromised by delaying this project of 425 megawatts.