Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Youth Initiatives!

September 24, 2013 | Courtesy by :

پاکستان کو خود داری’ خوشحالی اور خود مختاری کی منزلِ مراد تک پہنچانے کے لئے خود دار’ خوشحال اور خود مختار نوجوان ہی ہراول دستہ بنیں گے۔

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  1. Arslan Raza says:

    Sir thankyou for taking initiative for youth of pakistan but there are students of technology ,they request for a council for them (pakistan technology council) they think that you are the one person who can do for the Technologists of pakistan

  2. Wahid Raza says:

    The prime minister programme is really a good step to groom and facilitate the poor,deserving and needy students,morover,this programme has encouraged the youngester that they can now launch their own business,so we all students are thankful to Prime Minister sab,that he personally realized the need of students.
    so in future we have the same expectation,that our Government will take such a bold and appropriate action,whose fruit will be get by all once agains thanks to prime minister.

  3. bashir ahmad says:

    Thank you sir for taking such a positive setep for future of pakistan and for backward areas sir we are belong to distrik kohistan i am studying in gomal medical college di khan which is afiliated with khyber medical me other studentr are also studying in public dental and medical sector belonging to kohistan sir plz take some initive for us for completing our proffesional medical can i get scholarship?plz some one text me on 03065685847

  4. M WAQAS says:

    Its a great program to motivate or unhide the hidden talent of youth of pakisatn

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