Shaken but not stirred: the movement against Zia

hough protests against Gen Zia`s d i c t at...

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A sudden slip: the movement against Musharraf

encral Parvez Musharraf pulled-off a popular mi...

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Pakistan, Its Own Worst Enemy

Pakistan faces very big problems: a failing eco...

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Sher Ali sees nothing wrong in army mediation

MULTAN: State Minister for Water and Power, Abi...

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PM Sharif says won’t tolerate action against democracy

LAHORE: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said Saturd...

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Hamza Shahbaz on Monday advised Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

#PMLN leader Hamza Shahbaz on Monday advised Pa...

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PML(N) supporters gathered to respond to anti-state marches

Islamabad, Faisalabad, Karachi, Rahim Yar Khan:...

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The Myth of the Bermuda Triangle

By Caleb E. Smith As numerous nations who ar...

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World War One: The British hero who did not shoot Hitler

Henry Tandey became the most decorated private ...

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How To Cross 5 International Borders In 1 Minute Without Sweating

So many nations are breaking up. Ukraine is in ...

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Who are the Yazidis?

It's tragic that the world pays attention to ...

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The Sunni-Shia Divide

An ancient religious divide is helping fuel...

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Kazuyo Arai

Japan has a word to add about teaching math

LOS ANGELES – When it comes to math, students...

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John Kerry Just Visited. But Should We Just Forget About India?

Here’s how bad things are between Washington ...

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In Defense of Zionism

A Jewish State: See some key moments in the his...

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The Hamas trap: hidden labyrinth was wired for war

Israeli security thought it had adequate intell...

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Russia’s Emperor Has No Clothes

Last February, after Ukraine’s pro-Russian pr...

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The Muslims of Tromsø: Ramadan in the Land of the Midnight Sun

During Ramadan, Muslims fast until the sun goes...

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Barack Obama, Joe Biden

Obama Eyes Major Immigration Move

The President may be preparing to provide tempo...

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Putin Fuming After Rare Photo Of Daughter Published

Dutch furious after Putin’s daughter is found living in Holland

Vladimir Putin’s daughter lives, in all place...

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Journey to Democracy


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