Punjab to launch private-public energy projects

Jun 27, 2013


LAHORE- In a bid to promptly address the energy crisis in the agricultural sector, Punjab government has decided to launch projects under private-public partnership to use biogas, biomass and solar energy to run the tubewells for irrigation. The government has also decided to take benefit from the model the Indian state of Haryana where solar energy is being successfully used to cater to the needs of the agri sector particularly of the small cultivators.
Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has directed the Cabinet Committee on Energy and other departments concerned to complete study and present to him recommendations within two days as to how the said means can be put into use at the earliest.
The government is also preparing a practicable project to meet the energy needs in the industrial and the domestic sector for which it can spend more than the budgetary allocation of over Rs20billion, if need arose.
The CM has also announced to preside over meeting of the committee thrice a week.
The chief minister while presiding over a high-level meeting on energy on Wednesday directed the departments to work on war footings to improve energy situation in the province as every sector was badly affected by it. The meeting was attended by Provincial Energy Minister Sher Ali Khan, Agriculture Minister Dr Farrukh Javed, Special Assistant Ch Arshad Jutt, Advisor Azmul Haq, Secretaries of Livestock and Agriculture and officers concerned.
LNG a solution to energy woes: A Turkish LNG company has offered help to the Punjab government in overcoming the energy crisis. Appreciating the offer presented by the Global Energy Infrastructure, the Punjab government has expressed deep interest to accept the offer.
Global Energy Infrastructure Chairman Ahmet Caliskan called on Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Wednesday and discussed the possibilities of increasing cooperation in LNG sector between the Punjab government and Turkish company. Chief Executive of Global Energy Infrastructure in Pakistan Farrukh Qayyum, Head of Supply and Trading Department Alexander Shamatok, Provincial Minister for Energy Sher Ali Khan, advisors Azmul Haq, Khawaja Ahmad Hasaan and Sui Gas MD were present in the meeting.

The CM highlighted the situation wherein the energy crisis stopped the wheel of industry, generating poverty and unemployment in the country.
He said that the Punjab government was holding talks with local and foreign experts and energy companies for controlling the shortage of electricity. He said that discussion with the Turkish company for launching LNG projects proved useful.
The chief minister said: “Pakistan is a poor country and its resources are limited due to which we want to complete power projects at low cost. Earning profit is the right of the companies but cooperation in energy projects should be extended keeping in view the limited resources of Pakistan.
Ahmet Caliskan said: “Mycompany wants to help Punjab in difficult situation. Turk government has given special instructions that all possible help could be extended to the Punjab government.”

(Courtesy: Nation)

(Courtesy: The News)