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Saudi Prince Alwaleed's Fate Remains Uncertain as Corruption Probe Enters Critical Stage | Pakistan Muslim league (N) USA Official Website

Saudi Prince Alwaleed’s Fate Remains Uncertain as Corruption Probe Enters Critical Stage

Jan 05, 2018| Courtesy by : breitbart.com

Two months after a sweeping series of arrests and temporary detentions made in connection with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s corruption probe, the fate of perhaps the biggest fish caught in the net remains uncertain: Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, one of the wealthiest, most famous, and well-connected men in the world.

Most of the detainees were released from their often remarkably luxurious quarters after about a month, and a sizable amount of the money allegedly lost to corruption has been recovered in a string of enormous settlements, a few of them approaching nine figures. But Prince Alwaleed, who the L.A. Times observes is “the public face of the Saudi royal family to many foreign executives and investors,” is still twisting in the wind.


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