Sharif blasts US drone attacks on Pakistani soil

Jun 13, 2013

Pakistani prime minister in-waiting Nawaz Sharif has strongly condemned the US assassination drone strikes in his country, describing them as a violation of international law and the UN charter.

Sharif’s Pakistan Muslim League-N party said in a statement on Friday that the US killer drone policy also violates Pakistan’s national sovereignty. 

“The drone attack was not only a violation of the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, but also an action that has been declared as a violation of international law and the UN Charter,” the statement read.

The condemnation comes two days after the latest US drone attack killed at least seven people in the restive North Waziristan region. Washington says the raid killed pro-Taliban militant leader Waliur Rehman in the remote tribal region

US President Barack Obama recently defended the use of the controversial drones as “self-defense.”

Sharif’s comment was his first reaction to US assassinations drone strikes since his party won the general election earlier this month.

Over the past several years, Washington has been launching drone attacks on Muslim countries, including Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen, claiming that militants are the targets. However, casualty figures clearly indicate that civilians are the main victims.

The killing of Pakistani civilians, including women and children, has strained relations between Islamabad and Washington. The strikes have also triggered massive protests in Pakistan.

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