Special force to be set up for protection of foreigners: Shahbaz

Aug 13, 2013| Courtesy by : DAWN.COM

LAHORE: During a meeting in Lahore to review the law and order situation of Punjab, provincial chief minister Shahbaz Sharif said Tuesday that a special force would be constituted to protect foreigners.


Following a briefing by the Inspector General of Police Punjab, Aftab Sultan, on the current security situation of the province, Shahbaz said law enforcement was a top priority of his government.

The chief minister asked police and law enforcement agencies to remain alert in case of any untoward incident. Given the recent rise in terrorism, he ordered the recruitment of 4,000 constables in the police force.

Speaking on the security of foreigners in the province, Shahbaz said short-term and long-term planning should be done for their protection. He stressed on the importance of implementing strict security measures for their security.

This order comes hot on the heels of a recent attack on foreign climbers in Pakistan that caused an international uproar and led the federal government to suspend expeditions on Nanga Parbat, the country’s second highest mountain peak, until the security situation could be brought under control.

With 14 August just around the corner, the chief minister stressed on fool-proof security measures as well as on strictly implementing the ban on one-wheeling.

The ban was imposed on both one-wheeling and motorbikes without silencers on August 6 by the City District Government of Lahore under Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC).

The chief minister also directed the authorities to ensure that traffic in the province remained smooth and normal on August 14 in view of the celebrations for the upcoming Independence Day.