Strategy formed to resolve all crises: Ahsan Iqbal

Aug 27, 2013| Courtesy by : Associated Press of Pakistan

Federal Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal on Sunday said that a comprehensive strategy and sound planning were inevitable for the economic stability and prosperity of the country. He said that the government had successfully formed the strategy to resolve all of the crises including energy and terrorism.

Ahsan Iqbal

Ahsan said that the government’s vision 2025 comprised of seven components including integrated energy, modernisation of infrastructure, indigenous resources mobilisation, institutional reforms and introduce the model of good governance.

He added that the government had also made a comprehensive plan to increase the export level, private sector-led growth and invest on social capital.

Talking to Pakistan television channel, he said that his government wanted to go for the policy of self-reliance to utilise local resources for the economic growth and stability in the country.

Replying to a question, he said that lack of planning by previous regimes, the country had been facing the many crises including energy crisis.

He added that socio-political stability would lead to stronger economy and Pakistan would become a magnet for attracting foreign investment.

Replying to a question, he said that the government’s vision 2025 would be based on optimistic approach with realistic targets and collective wisdom, consultation and broader ownership.

The minister said that the government would involve all stakeholders to evolve the national consensus over all internal and external challenges.

He said that the government had committed to establish the trade corridor to create trade link between China and Pakistan for the prosperity and development of the whole region.
(Courtesy: Associated Press of Pakistan)