The Trade Deal We Just Threw Overboard

Mar 07, 2017| Courtesy by :

Donald Trump wants to rewrite NAFTA, but someone else already did. Here’s how it went down.

Trade deals are at the heart of Donald Trump’s promise to Make America Great Again. He views global trade as a kind of Manhattan real estate market writ large, a vicious snake pit where the strong and hungry eat the weak and soft. From the moment he descended his golden escalator and launched his populist presidential campaign, he repeatedly complained that the world’s only superpower keeps getting eaten alive at the negotiating table, that ruthless foreigners gleefully rip off the hapless losers of the United States government, that it would take a cutthroat negotiator like him to fix stupid trade agreements and restore U.S. economic dominance. He wrote the book on the art of the deal, and he made a compelling case that he knew a bad one when he saw one.

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