We Must Promote Preventive Medicine And Research To Build A Creative And Healthier Nation: Prof. Ahsan Iqbal

Dec 23, 2013

“We seek paradigm shift in our learning and healthcare models to develop creative, innovative and competent human resource in the country”, said Prof. Ahsan Iqbal, Federal Minister for Planning, Development & Reform while addressing as a Chief Guest at ‘RMC International Scientific Conference’, organized by Rawalpindi Medical College to mark its 40th Anniversary Day Celebrations. He said, “Only creative and healthier nation can reap the true potentials of modern knowledge-based and technology-led economy of the Knowledge Revolution Era. We must adopt Quranic learning model of observation, inquiry and reflection in order to chisel the creative skills of our students, who need to be trained in asking as many questions as come into their mind. Therefore, we need to switch from traditional instructional learning model to modern interactive learning model, in which teacher just facilitates and connects the students to various available resources of knowledge in the field, because the learning is not confined to mere class rooms nowadays, rather it has become a global experience due to the internet access”.


Prof. Ahsan Iqbal highlighted, “We start suppressing the creativity of our children right since their initial learning, because our learning model promotes rote learning instead of creative thinking. The language of instruction is different from the language in which we think, which prevents creativity just because we cannot express our thought in a free manner because of the language barrier. All the developed countries in the world impart initial learning to their children in their local languages. It is only for the research purposes that they employ English as a medium of instruction. Therefore, we must introduce radical changes in our curriculum and learning methods to encourage inquiry, creativity and research in our students to make them competitive at international level, where brain power stands superior to muscle power”.

The Federal Minister emphasized upon the need of adopting healthier life style for staying competitive and productive. He said, “We must promote preventive medicine to get rid of our nation from diseases”. He asked the doctors and alumni of Rawalpindi Medical College to play a leading role in the health care research and introducing interdisciplinary approach towards learning in the field of medicine. The policy makers can only prepare better and viable policy documents if they are provided with the valid evidence on the basis of reliable research. Therefore, we must strengthen our research capabilities”. Prof. Ahsan Iqbal also urged upon the young doctors to serve for at least a period of 03 years in the rural areas of the country after their graduation, as a token of gratitude to the poor and less privileged people who have subsidized their education. At this occasion, The Federal Minister inaugurated the new library of Rawalpindi Medical College and RMC Park at the campus. He also visited the newly-established Multi Organ Failure (MOF) Centre at the College, and appreciated the efforts of the college authorities in providing a quality health care service to almost 2.6 Million people of the region.