Wealthy Qatar Weathers Siege, but Personal and Political Costs Grow

Jul 03, 2017| Courtesy by : www.nytimes.com


A Qatari woman in Doha, the capital. Several Arab nations have blockaded the country’s airspace and shipping channels in a bid to force it to drop its maverick foreign policy and shutter its influential TV station, Al Jazeera. CreditKamran Jebreili/Associated Press

DOHA, Qatar — A young business executive had to cancel a $150,000 family vacation in Saudi Arabia. Another woman grumbled that deliveries of designer fashions from the internet store Net-a-Porter were taking several days longer to arrive.

Others said they disliked the taste of the new Turkish milk in stores, preferring the old Saudi variety, but a tycoon offered a solution: He intends to fly 4,000 cows to Qatar, in what may be the biggest ever bovine airlift.

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